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A discreet dating app
for striving women & modern gentlemen

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Reveal our selection, while we honor your time and taste.

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Relationships defined by clarity and trust

Life concepts are changing and so are relationship models. At gentley, we believe unconventional relationships deserve as much of a chance as traditional ones, and it’s our mission to help our members connect with a partner who understands their ambitions.

gentley facilitates clear communication and expectations — the hallmarks of any healthy relationship — all within a safe and secure environment.

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Meaningful connections are more likely to form when you are free to express your true wishes. With this clarity in mind, gentley can help find a partner that shares your hopes and dreams.

Whether your body urges to travel, your mind is committed to working, or your heart can’t open up completely, here you will find authentic understanding and compatibility.

Unique matches

Interests, desires, personal schedules and more define the daily results of gentley's unique algorithm.

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Meaningful engagements

Pursue your very own concept of happiness with a partner who shares your desires and understands your boundaries.

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Real and verified

Our multi-level verification system ensures that all members are authentic and their interests genuine.

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