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Love on hold: 30% of singles longing for connection

1 in 3 hearts in the US admit longing for a deep connection and feeling frustrated by superficial encounters and endless swiping. Is the modern dating world really out of love?

127 million singles in the US

In our world, where the dynamics of dating are constantly changing, finding someone with whom one enjoys spending time is increasingly difficult. Can you relate?

In a society undergoing shifts in relationship ideals and values, modern romance and dating have become phenomenons themselves - with many various options and ways of finding and celebrating love. Did you know that there are 127 million singles only in the U.S., with nearly 30% of singles not happy about being without a partner and longing for connection? That might be the reason why, according to the Thriving Center of Psychology, 67% of them are using dating apps to find new partners, while 69% of them do not like the existing apps, and 35% do not even feel safe using them.

Are you SINGLE and long for connection?

The numbers show that the demand for dating platforms is evolving in a new direction - with a need for a difference. With that in mind, we developed our dating app Gentley, which is more than just a dating app. We connect affluent companions and facilitate a gateway to meaningful connections, where transparency and trust are extremely important. We created a safe space for those, who are tired of the existing dating (game) apps and want to upgrade their love life. Instead of searching for a partner at the wrong places and investing time and energy into fake relations, you can now elevate your personal life with real and meaningful connections. We value your time, while you enjoy our selection. That’s why we keep it simple and exclusive. Let’s dive into deep conversations and unique arrangements – and find the safe space where you are the master of your desires.

Our question to you: Are you still seeking someone to share exciting moments and grow together to make your life more fulfilling? Try the modern GENTLEY way of DATING by finding authentic partners with potential on our discrete dating app. Download it now for free ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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