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The Single Male Leader: A Growing Species

3.5 million men in leadership positions in the US are single. The conventional dating world might not be designed for single male leaders. What Does This Mean for the Future of Dating?

3.5 million single CEO's in the US
Single CEO

In the United States, there are 3.5 million single men in leadership positions. These men are successful, driven, and ambitious. They have achieved a great deal in their careers, but they often have to make compromises in their private (love) lives. The conventional dating world is not designed for single male leaders. They are too busy to spend hours swiping through profiles on regular dating apps or go to bars or clubs to meet new people. And more importantly - they don't want to waste their time on casual relationships.

New demand for dating apps

That shows that the demand for dating platforms is evolving in a new direction - with a need for a difference. With that in mind, we developed our dating app Gentley, which is more than just a dating app. We connect affluent companions and facilitate a gateway to meaningful connections, where transparency and trust are extremely important. We created a safe space for those, who are tired of the existing dating (game) apps and want to upgrade their love life. Instead of searching for a partner at the wrong places and investing time and energy into fake relations, you can now elevate your personal life with real and meaningful connections. Our motto: We value your time, while you enjoy our selection. That’s why we keep it simple and exclusive. Let’s dive into deep conversations and unique arrangements – and find the safe space where you are the master of your desires.

Gentley is a new dating app that is designed for single male leaders.

Gentley is a private, members-only dating app that connects single male leaders with intelligent, attractive women. The app is based on a simple premise: successful men want to date ambitious women. It is a safe, secure, and confidential space, easy to use and it takes just a few minutes to create a profile. Are you still seeking someone to share exciting moments with and grow together to make your life more fulfilling? Try the modern GENTLEY way of DATING by finding authentic partners with potential on our discrete dating app.

If you are a single male leader, then you should sign up for Gentley today for free.

What are you waiting for? Try the modern GENTLEY way of DATING by finding authentic partners with potential on our discrete dating app.


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